Redesigning your NEW house

Did you just rented a new home/ apartment for your family? We believe you should conduct move in cleaning before you shift to that place. You can either hire cleaning experts or you can do it by yourself. Its a tedious job and needs significant efforts.
After cleaning job successfully done, you may feel excited to decorate your dream house. If you don’t have an idea regarding decorations, then let us provide you the techniques that rocks.

But before working with the ideas, you should decide which style you want to implement. Basically there are traditional, modern, and transitional style.
Modern layout uses minimal design. The colors are smooth and focuses on use of metals and glass rather than timber and woods.
The transitional is basically a hybrid style of house decoration. The designer mix up elements of traditional and modern style. This style uses dark woods, stone and focuses on earthy red and neutral color. The furniture are ornamental and fairly streamlined.

I believe you decided the pattern, Now, let’s turn onto decorating plan.

Redecorating ideas for your house

  1. Decorating from smallest unit
    You may feel stressed when you thought of designing whole house. This is obviously since if we think of whole project it will only lead us to stress. But if you divide the projects and handle one at a time, it will make you focused and less stress.
    Another important fact about designing the house is- we tend to decorate with same style but this is traditional concept. In current trends, most of people are experimenting with different styles. Therefore it’s best idea to go with multiple style design in a house.
  2. Important room first
    There’s a rule, “Important first“. When we do the important work first, we can utilize our high level of motivation and beautiful concepts. Normally, these important rooms will be our living room or the biggest room in our house. Carefully select curtains, sofa, furniture, carpets, and other items as it displays your personality to visitors.
  3. Coloring is best way to manage emotions
    Different studies concluded that colors fosters emotions. Hence you can color the room as per purpose of the rooms. For corridors, Kitchen, and living rooms, you can use bright colors. For study room you can use green color while bedrooms looks nice in calm colors.
  4. Ask with the experts
    When you are out of ideas, it better to consult with professionals. They have sufficient knowledge than us. The provided ideas will obviously be best and tailored for you.

Above mentioned guidelines will definitely help you to decorate your new dream house.


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